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Corporate, Family, Schools, Colleges, Conferences, all types of events

We capture special moments quickly, achieving outstanding results

What is ‘green screen’ photography?
Using a green screen backdrop combined with our software and hardware allows you to instantly view your photographs with multiple custom backdrops. Instead of looking as if you’ve stepped in front of a simple background, your guests will look like they were in a custom designed photo shoot! You can add multiple choice backgrounds and overlays to your green screen experience, so within seconds your guests could be in Las Vegas and the next minute in the Jungle! Our advanced system also allows us to use creative colour adjustments to go with the theme for each image – from old world sepia to high-end fashion makeovers. The technique has been used within the film industry for years, now we can bring this service to your event.

“You choose the backdrop instantly on-screen and the photograph is printed within seconds”

What we can do for you
We capture special moments quickly, achieving outstanding results, providing a variety of green screen photography packages and options to make your event memorable and your brand noticed! Within 15 seconds of the photo being taken the green screen is replaced by custom backdrops, overlays and your logo, we can print on-site and share instantly on social media platforms.

You’ve seen it in the movies and thought, “how cool would that be to have at your event?”
“You can be anyone anywhere”

We cover all types of events big and small
Themed events, Charity fundraisers, Special occasions & Celebrations, Exhibitions, Concerts, Award Ceremonies, Wedding Receptions, Black tie balls, Proms, Red Carpet events, Dinner & dance, Private parties, Product launches, Commercial events, Sporting & leisure events, Christmas, New Year, Birthday parties, Annual office away-days, Corporate formal or informal functions, Presentations, VIP visits, Celebrity Visits, Trade Shows, Masonic, Rotary, etc etc…

We have the capability to build multiple Green Screen Studios at the same time at your event.

Family occasions
Family events are a great way for the whole family to have instant family portraits altogether and individual families. We take all photographs on the latest studio equipment ensuring that you get perfect high-end portraits and an online family photo album with our photos only or a combined album with all of your photos. This is a great way to remember your special occasion. Photographs can be printed and mounted on-site or delivered electronically so that they can be shared with friends and family on social media immediately, even whilst the event is still on!

Corporate events
Nothing speaks more highly of a great corporate event than a beautifully packaged green screen image, whether the image is printed on-site and delivered in a custom frame with your logo or e-mailed and shared on social media. People will talk and remember your corporate event for a long time to come.

Trade shows
We generate consumer takeaway products that are valued and instantly seen worldwide

Trade shows are often the best time to promote company awareness, promote new products and branding. Almost guaranteed to promote new sales leads, with the vast amount of competition within the market companies try numerous techniques to ensure that they stand out from the crowd. Our service is guaranteed to attract lots of guests to your stand and better still instantly give you worldwide coverage online through social media! gone are the days of collecting pens with no intention of even looking who it’s from. We can give guests a printed photograph to take away with your company branding or even holding your products. We instantly upload the photograph onto your social media platform, where they can like your page, then like and share their photograph. This can give you instant worldwide coverage and traffic to your page to people that may have never heard of you before, let alone to people actually at the trade show. Photos can be printed instantly as giveaways with or without our mounts or custom designed mounts for your company. We can even print them to go straight into lanyards as ID Photos!

Charities & fundraisers
Selling photos at events and donating a percentage of the takings is an excellent way to raise money for your charity! We gladly donate a very commendable percentage towards the event’s proceeds. We cover all types of charity events and are happy to contribute to such good causes. Please contact us to help raise money for your event, with details of the venue, date and an approximate number of guests. We’re free to attend on the basis that we sell more than 30 photographs on the day. We usually exceed 30 at any event but set this limit to ensure that we cover our costs.
Paparazzi style
Give your guests the ‘red carpet treatment’ which they deserve! Using a customised backdrop with your logos and red carpet walkway, you can create a real Hollywood-style atmosphere for your guests. We can even dress as old school paparazzi to add to the whole experience.

Roaming photography
Roaming Photography is great to capture the essence of an event. We’ll provide you with lots of photos of the whole setup before guests arrive, and loads of photos of guests having fun throughout the entire event. Our advanced equipment and knowledge allow us to instantly send these photos to you or to your social media site for instant coverage.

High-end magazine-style digital makeovers
We’ve started to take our makeover photo shoot experience to events with fast modelling poses, the best software and equipment allows us to give each photograph a complete magazine-style makeover within seconds. Combined with the green screen technology we can instantly add you to the front cover of a magazine!

Our fully customisable photo booths capture the excitement of an event, with custom printed backdrops, green screen photography, branded overlays, themed props and fast on-site printing.
These high-quality images are ideal for, fun, marketing, advertising, promotion and website promotions turning photos into the ultimate social marketing tool. In an instant guest can share their photos to social media platforms. The main difference with a photo booth compared to a studio is that guests press the shutter taking their own fun photograph in our studio/booth instead of us posing you. We’re still there ready for any required assistance, printing and uploading to social media sites.

Fun props
Green screen photo shoots are often about fun; we’ve found that all guests love fun props, so we can supply whatever props you’d like to go exactly with your theme or generic fun props that can go with any theme. We have cases full of costumes, hats, inflatables, glasses, lots of silly things, etc.

Backdrops, overlays & logos
We have thousands of stock images to cover any type of themed event. Just let us know what you’d like and we’ll send you sample images for you to choose from before the big day.
We can also use your own backdrop, overlays, logos to incorporate your company branding; we’ll assist you with the design specs and create sample photos to be approved before the day.
We can also provide custom backdrops and overlays to your theme and company branding. Our graphic designers will create a unique background to match your event theme which will never be used again or sold to another client. We just need around one month’s notice.
We can also incorporate static props for an intricate, seamless, layered effect, making each participant look completely immersed within the photo, rather than being superimposed.

Social media
Create consumer excitement online via instant social media photo sharing.

The power of Social Media has become an essential part of corporate events, marketing and company branding. We understand the need to be able to broadcast what’s happening as it’s happening. So we’ve developed our system to be able to upload your photos instantly, helping you to increase “Likes” and “shares” on your social media pages. We can even give you the sharing statistic for social media campaigns with uploaded stats & analysis.

On-site instant printing
Our top of the range event printers prints your photographs within 15 seconds at stunning quality. Sizes available are from small passport size photos to large A3 posters. The typical size is 6×9 or 12×8 inches in a mounted folder.

How do your guests know what to do at the event?
Each event is tailored to ensure that guests can get the most out of our service; we can hand out small flyers on arrival explaining our photographic service, use Pop-up banners. DJ’s can make announcements. We’ve also found that the best way is to let guests know what’s available before they attend by email, ticket, social media; it’s important that guests are aware of us and they’ll then enjoy the whole experience without any obligations.

Our fun and friendly staff
Shaun Scott Photography has the A-team of photographers and sales staff. We provide a national service of highly trained and experienced photographers. We only employ fun, friendly, get-up and go people who are there to provide the perfect service for you.

How much space do you need?
We find that most venues have sufficient areas for us to use, if the offer is open we prefer 12’ by 12’ but we can always squeeze into smaller areas.

Why book Shaun Scott Photography?
We tailor our service to your exact requirements.
We believe in a ‘Can Do’ attitude conveyed in a calm, smooth, manner.
We constantly update our service and equipment to ensure that we excel.

What does it cost?
All events are tailored to your requirements and budget.

We often provide a free attendance service at events where guests can purchase their own photographs from £10 each, with a minimum spend of 30 photographs to ensure that we cover costs.

These inclusive packages start from £350
• Unlimited photography with instant downloads
• Unlimited photography, instant downloads and instant on-site printing
• Unlimited photography with all high-resolution images edited and supplied on a disk

Please contact us with your event details so that we can tailor our packages to suit your requirements.

What to do next
Each Green Screen Project is unique so please give us as much detail about your event as you can, We can then custom tailor our service to your needs.

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