‘Shaun Scott Photography is a specialist Event company capturing those special moments with outstanding results. We’re enthusiastic and passionate about what we do.’

Here at Shaun Scott Photography, we are continuously looking for great people to join our freelance team.

Experienced Photographers – Please enquire about the joint venture opportunity.
Photographers – Experienced or not, with or without equipment, training will be provided.
Sales staff/Assistants – Retail/customer service experience is useful, but not essential.
Work experience – If you’re under 18, you’ll need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Type of work:
Event Photography and Sales.
Please browse the website to get a feel for what we do. Photographers set up a studio, take great photos; sales staff and assistants print and sell the photos.

Who these positions would suit:
People who need extra income on a casual basis.
It is additional income, not a full-time or even a regular part-time position.
Some staff only do a few jobs a year, others 20 plus.

Typically, you’ll be offered work close to home, but due to the nature of the business (event photography), you may travel for 2 hours plus.
Sales staff usually travel to events/occasions with the photographer – it can help if your team know each other.

Working hours:
Work will mainly be evenings or weekends. Generally, I email the job details out and you reply if you can make the date or not.
Reliability is essential once you agree to a job; breaks during an event are usually taken whenever possible – there’s never a set schedule.

Rates of pay vary depending upon your position and experience.
Sales staff are usually paid on the night; photographers invoice the company and are paid within a month.
Travel expenses are covered on jobs outside of your area.

Other team benefits:
Bonuses and pay raises when you ‘go the extra mile’
Referrals to other companies looking for similar staff.
Continuous training beneficial to your own work.
Proven staff can join our Facebook networking group.

Company ethos:
We’re a team of positive, presentable and flexible people who have fun at work. Our role is to provide customers with an excellent photography service,
ensuring that the entire photographic experience is enjoyable and runs smoothly.
We believe in a ‘Can Do’ attitude conveyed in a calm, smooth manner.

What next?
If you like our ethos and would like to earn some extra income, please send all relevant information (CV, LinkedIn, Facebook, website, samples, equipment list) to shaun@shaunscottphotography.co.uk