Professional Prom Photography

Your School Prom is one of the most important nights of your life. It’s incredibly important to capture stunning photographs in a fun & friendly way which adds to the excitement of your evening that will be passed through the generations for all to see how great you looked.

“Enjoy our incredible commitment to customer service & perfect image quality”

Why book Shaun Scott Photography?
We capture special moments quickly in a fun & friendly way with exceptional image quality.

What we do
Attend for FREE, take lots of stunning photographs with no obligation to purchase.
Our studio can be set up anywhere at your venue to take single portraits and very large groups.
Arriving in style? We’ll arrive early and capture you stepping out of the limo.
Red carpet? We love them and capture you ‘movie premiere style’.
Professionally posed Studio Portraits, from individual photographs to large fun group photographs.
One of us roams the venue taking lots of fun & candid photos throughout the evening.
Edit all images to perfection, display them on a password protected online gallery for you to browse and purchase at a substantial student discount.
We can print onsite instantly, but actually, advise against this at proms, please read why, below.
We have various options for you to purchase the digital files and upload them to social media sites.
All of us are professional, qualified, use the best equipment, are CRB/DBS checked, insured, PAT Tested.

Shaun Scott Photography will attend your event for FREE because we are that confident your guests will love the photographs and purchase them.
6 x 9 inch mounted photograph £8,  Packs of 3 or more photographs from £20, Large canvas photographs from £30, Various offers on digital images.

Inclusive Deals
Yes, we offer two different deals.
1. Everyone has a photograph taken and printed ready to take home on the night.
2. All photographs are uploaded online to enable your guests to download them for free.
Please contact for a quote, please include; venue, date and an approximate number of guests.

Onsite instant printing
We can offer onsite printing if you prefer, but I don’t  really recommend it for proms,  I prefer to edit all photographs to perfection, display them online for you to view at your leisure. There are also lots of offers online from small packages to large canvas prints which most photographers wouldn’t offer on the night.

Required Studio Space
We find that most venues have sufficient areas for us to use, we prefer 15” x 15” but we can always squeeze into smaller areas!

How do guests know what to do in the evening?
Small flyers are handed to guests on arrival explaining our photographic service thus enabling them to understand that there is no obligation, also giving details of how to view their photographs following the event.

Photobooths and Fun Props
Your parents have probably spent a small fortune on you to look great for the night. I hope all of you appreciate how great you look by not wanting to tarnish a cool haircut, makeup, designer dress or suit with a fake moustache and party hat. I provide photo booths and can do a combined package offer for you. But really think a prom is about a glamorous night for you to looking stunning. Next year at your 6th form ball is a good time for the silly shots. As a compromise to those who insist on fun props for proms, I can bring them along to use later in the evening once all of your stunning photographs have been taken. But whatever you choose, make sure you get at least one stunning photo of yourself, you’ll appreciate it one day!

What to ask us/the photographer you’re considering
Unfortunately, I’ve heard lots of disaster stories from amateur photographers at proms. It’s very difficult to tell from their website if they’re professional or not. They might not even be using their own photographs. So please ask the following questions to help you decide who to choose.
Ask to see previous proms we’ve photographed, not just a couple of sample pics.
Ask which schools we’ve photographed proms at and ask the schools if they were happy with us.
Ask to see actually mounted prints, not just online photos, print quality is extremely important.
Ask for CRB/DBS and Insurance Certificate.
Ask for references, we should at least have a few on google or Facebook.
Ask us to pop into school to meet the head of year or staff member in charge of organising the prom.
Ask how many photographers will attend; my general rule is more than 100 guests means at least 2 photographers, often three of us attend proms over 150 guests. This is an important night, photographers will attend for free, but make sure they attend with enough staff.
Ask for a photograph of our studio setup, you need a professional tidy setup.
Ask how late we’ll stay at your prom; personally, we’re the first to arrive and last to leave.

Hope that you’ve found all of this information useful, please contact us to photograph your prom. Tel: 01353 360949

We provide a Nationwide & Worldwide Prom Photography

London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Nottingham, Leicester, Newcastle,
Brighton, Hull, Stoke-on-Trent, Wolverhampton, Derby, Swansea, Southampton, York, Peterborough, Cambridge, Essex,  Norwich,
Kings Lynn, Oxford, Northampton, Chelmsford

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