Frequently asking Questions
Weddings are one of the most important days of our lives

Q. Do you enjoy taking photographs?
A. I love taking photographs; I love the technical and emotional side of photography. Photography is all about creating a timeless image that people will love forever.

Q. What happens if it rains on the day?
A. I find it very rare for rain to effect a wedding in England as we only usually get small showers, rather than heavy rain for the whole day. Most weddings are shot between showers, most importantly of all, I need you – The Bride & Groom to just go with the flow and enjoy your day. Another very good reason for booking a professional photographer as opposed to a mate with a camera. A good photographer can shoot in any condition, you’ll see from the samples on this website where I’ve included photographs taken in the rain, wind, at night and all year around. Having spent seven years travelling the world taking photographs has trained me to contend with any condition be it; freezing in Spitsbergen, roasting in Egypt or drenched in the South Pacific.

Q. How long have you been doing professional wedding photography?
A. I started studying photography Twenty years ago and since then I’ve worked in photography on a full-time basis, continuing to train along the way in order to keep up with modern techniques. I now photograph in the region of twenty-five weddings a year along with various other types of photography

Q. Have you completed any formal training and do you continue to learn about your art?
A. I studied for four years at school and college and to this day I continue to train by attending seminars, reading books and watching DVDs. Photography has changed dramatically within the past few years and so I find it vital to stay in tune with modern techniques. This is your special day and these images can’t be captured again.

Q. Are you a full-time photographer?
A. I have been a full-time professional photographer since I studied Photography at college with the exception of a few months in-between cruise ship photography and setting up my business, where I did some temp work as well.

Q. Why does the cost of wedding photography vary so much between photographers?
A. Photographers charging under £500 probably only shoots a few weddings a year to earn extra money on his day job. The average price for a full-time professional photographer is £1,000, some charge slightly less and some charge slightly more, but it is a pretty fair figure to go by. £1,500 + maybe an exceptionally good photographer or a person with a camera who’s just done a wedding photography course where they’ve been told to charge that amount. You need to know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Some photographers don’t include wedding albums and are at your wedding for an hour or so, to complete your package. You need your photographer to be willing to stay as long as you need them to and to professionally mount your photographs in a wedding album.

Q. What is your style of wedding photography?
A. I love to take a complete mixture from posed to candid, please view recent weddings as the photographs explain themselves better than words.

Q. How far do you travel to photograph a wedding?
A. World-wide – having said that I tend to concentrate on East Anglia, where there are no extra travel costs involved.

Q. Do you visit the venue before the wedding day?
A. Yes, especially if you’re getting married in Barbados, (a small extra charge is then applied). I’d usually pop by the venue few weeks before your wedding in order to study where I’d like to take the photographs. I arrive very early on your day so that I can double check the venue for possible photo locations.

Q. Do you have insurance?
A. Yes, I have both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Q. Will it be Shaun Scott who actually photographs my wedding?
A. Yes, it’s me you’ve spoken to and my photographs you’ve seen, so I’ll be photographing your wedding. unless we’ve already agreed before the booking that one of my freelance photographers will take the photographs

Q. What happens if you’re sick Shaun, on the day?
A. I like to look after myself and so it’s very rare for me to be ill on any day. On the off chance that I am, I’m good friends with many professional photographers who’d be more than happy to help me out, (quite often at a high rate to myself) be assured any replacement would do a perfect job. If possible I’d still attend your wedding and sit in the background to ensure your day runs as smoothly with another photographer.

Q. What equipment do you use?
A. I use very expensive professional equipment, I have a spare of each item and update every year. I’ll be photographing on Fuji & Nikon cameras this year, but it’s the photography and professionalism that counts more than equipment.

Q. Are there any hidden costs?
A. No.

Q. How do we make a booking?
A. Once you’ve seen all my work and we’ve met each other and are getting along well, we can then talk about which photography collection you’d like, then we can sign a contract and a deposit is paid equal to 1/3 of the package price in order to secure your booking. or you can ask for our pay monthly plan at 0% interest.

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